Hiring the Best Caravan Park and Motel Brokers in Victoria or Southern NSW

At Tower Business & Real Estate, we are proud to be considered Australia’s leading caravan park and motel broker. We have more than 60 years of business under our belts—over 30 of which have been spent working within this particular subset of the real estate industry. As a result, we believe we have the experience, the expertise and the resources necessary to provide our clients the type of service they will not get from anywhere else.

Based in Benalla, Victoria, Tower Business & Real Estate manages the largest number of residential, commercial and rural properties in the area. Buyers and sellers alike have praised our team of insightful real estate brokers their considerable knowledge and consistent helpfulness. There is a reason companies looking to sell old motel buildings come to us to broker their sales, and why investors also come to us looking for exciting new real estate investments.

Where many real estate companies either have good relationships with buyers or with sellers, we have great relationships with our clients on both sides of the transaction. These relationships—and the word of mouth they create—have helped Tower Business & Real Estate become the top motel broker in Victoria. Buyers and investors come to us because of our experience, reputation and a sizable selection of properties. Sellers come to us because of our status as a top resource for real estate investors. Add those two things together, and the result is success!

Capture Tenants with Your Real Estate Investments: Hire a Caravan Park or Motel Broker in VIC

Some real estate investors like to put their capital into residential real estate developments; others aim for big commercial building projects. At Tower Business & Real Estate, we cater towards investors looking to capture middle-class tenants—both with residential living opportunities and temporary lodging solutions.

In terms of residential living opportunities, Tower Business & Real Estate brokers the sales of both single-family homes and full caravan parks. As a member of the Victorian Caravan Parks Association—as well as a 21-year sponsor of the VCPA’s annual conference—we are one of the most trusted caravan park brokers in Victoria. If you are looking to capture a wide range of tenants with your next real estate investment, a caravan park may just fit the bill.

At Tower Business & Real Estate, we are also regarded as trusted VIC motel brokers. The tourism hospitality business is quite profitable throughout Australia, and Victoria and southern NSW are no exceptions to that rule. By offering numerous motel facilities for sale throughout these regions, we have helped numerous entrepreneurs, real estate investors and existing hospitality companies significantly increase their annual revenues.

In Good Hands

Regardless of the type of real estate investment you are looking to make, Tower Business & Real Estate is a good partner to help you along the way. Our status as respected caravan park and motel brokers in both southern NSW and throughout Victoria makes us a natural choice to help you on this path. Because of our many years of experience in both of these real estate industries, we can answer any questions you might have and help you to understand how profitable these types of businesses can be.

Are you interested in learning more about Tower Business & Real Estate, or in hiring one of our teams as your VIC motel broker? Contact us today, at (03) 5762 2266 or info@towerrobinsons.com.au.