Invest in a Profitable Business, with Freehold Caravan Parks for Sale in Victoria and New South Wales

Have you been looking for a high-profile real estate investment with which to expand your influence and profit? Are you interested in owning and operating a lucrative business in the residential property realm?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then Tower Business & Real Estate can help. We specialise in offering freehold caravan parks for sale in both Victoria and New South Wales. Each park is different from the last—not just in location, but also in the number of powered sites, the number of campsites, the size and condition of caravan units, the on-site amenities and more.

If you have a specific type of caravan park in mind for your next real estate investment, we can help you find one that matches your vision. If you simply want to make an investment but have little to no pre-existing knowledge of caravan parks, you can speak with one of our sales brokers for advice. Another option is to simply browse our website to see the freehold caravan parks we currently have for sale in VIC and NSW.

An Easy Way to Find Freehold Caravan Parks for Sale in New South Wales or Victoria

One of the best things about working with Tower Business & Real Estate to find a freehold caravan park for sale in New South Wales or Victoria is the sheer convenience. We understand how busy our buyers are and how valuable their time is. With that in mind, we designed a website that includes a full catalogue of our existing real estate listings.

At Tower Business & Real Estate strive always to keep this catalogue as up-to-date as possible—ensuring that the caravan parks you see on your computer screen are still available. More than that, we also make sure that the information provided is 100% accurate—from the list price to the agent brokering the sale of the property, all the way to listed specs about the property and its individual caravan units.

You can view our current caravan park listings by clicking here. Typically, we have dozens of different caravan parks for sale at any one time, but you can narrow your search by selecting a set of filter criteria on our page. Specifically, you can search caravan parks based on the suburb, price, sale or rental status (freehold versus leasehold) and more.

Get Help with Your Caravan Transaction: Contact Tower Business & Real Estate Directly

If you have any questions while you search for freehold caravan parks for sale in southern NSW or VIC, please do not hesitate to contact Tower Business & Real Estate directly. We can be reached either via telephone, at (03) 5762 2266, or email, at Whether you have questions about our properties, our brokerage processes or any other facet of what we do, we are always happy to speak with you and help you in any way we can.