What to Look for When Searching for a Motel for Sale in Victoria or Southern NSW

Which characteristics make a great motel? Is the success of a motel business all about location and convenience? Or should overall comfort and features be the top considerations? Guests looking for lodging consider questions like these every day. For investors who are looking to purchase a motel for sale, however, the answers to these questions can make or break a business venture.

At Tower Business & Real Estate, we not only can help you answer these questions, but can also assist you in finding a motel for sale—either in Victoria or southern New South Wales—that has all of the features of your ideal motel. A staple of the Victoria real estate scene since 1956, Tower Business & Real Estate has been focused specifically on brokering the sale of motels and caravan parks for more than 30 years. Quite simply, if you need help finding a motel for sale in VIC or NSW, Tower Business & Real Estate can point you in the right direction.

Three Points to Consider before Buying a Motel

Throughout our many years of real estate service, we at Tower Business & Real Estate have sold motels to both seasoned real estate investors and first-time entrepreneurs. We have considerable expertise and experience in this industry, and can help you distinguish a good investment from a bad one.

Specifically, when you are looking for a motel for sale in southern NSW or Victoria, considering the three points below. Keeping each of these items in mind will help you to find the motel investment that has the best chances of evolving into a lucrative business.

  1. Freehold or Leasehold: Is the motel you are looking at being offered on a freehold basis, or as a leasehold property? We offer both options at Tower Business & Real Estate. However, while leasehold properties are always the cheaper option, we often advise our buyers to focus on finding freehold motels for sale instead.

When you purchase a freehold property, you will be the true owner. Such status will leave you free to make any renovations, improvements or alterations you wish—freedoms that can help you to turn a rundown motel facility into a booming business. When you buy leasehold, you are beholden to a landlord, which is often not the most attractive option for entrepreneurs or investors looking to get into the motel business.

  1. On-Site Features: Pools, spas, exercise rooms, wireless internet, outdoor seating areas and other on-site amenities can help add to the luxury of your motel. Each of these amenities will help draw more guests to your establishment. While you can install any of these amenities after you buy, it is, of course, more convenient to purchase a motel property already outfitted with them.
  2. Location: Location is often everything when it comes to success in the hotel or motel world. Motels near tourist attractions, natural landmarks, frequently traveled highways, big cities or even just restaurants and businesses do better business than motels in the middle of nowhere. As an example of strong location, some of the motels we currently have for sale in Victoria are located near or in the Grampians.

Find a Motel for Sale in VIC or Southern NSW Today

When you work with Tower Business & Real Estate, we will help you to find all of the information you need to make a smart purchasing decision. For motel that we have for sale in Victoria and New South Wales, there is a listing on our website where you can learn specific facts about the property. We are also happy to schedule a walkthrough of any our properties at any time. Just give us a call at (03) 5762 2266, or email, at info@towerrobinsons.com.au.